5 Butt Busting Treadmill Workouts

I’ve always been a preacher of getting your booty outside, enjoying some fresh air, and pounding the pavement. But, if you’re one of those drones who gravitate towards running in place on a treadmill… then this is the article for you! I only kid, slightly. There is actually a time and place for indoor running such as unbearable weather, running in a safe and controlled environment, and (most importantly) when you want to know precisely how far and how fast you’re running. Truth be told you can get one hell of a workout done on a treadmill if it’s done right. The key is to work HARD, mostly by means of intervals, hills, and progression training. These three types of workouts will spike your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and drastically improve your fitness. Not only will these workouts be great for your bod, they will be great for your sanity, too. Below are 5 treadmill routines that will help the time, and your heartrate fly.


*Note: ALL treadmill running should be done at a 1% incline to better simulate outdoor running. Also, if you have a GPS these workouts can easily be done outside.

Healthy couple running on a treadmill in a sport centre


Workout #1


1-2 mile easy warm-up jog. After the warm-up, go immediately into the following:
1/4 mile walk followed by 1/2 mile run (HARD- push yourself 1-2mph over the pace you’d normally run at)


Repeat the walk/run alternating 6 times


1-2 mile easy cool-down when your intervals are completed


TOTAL: 6.5-8.5 miles


Workout #2


1-2 mile easy warm-up jog


At 1 (or 2) miles when you’re finished with your warm-up, start increasing your speed by .1mph every 1/4 of a mile. This is called a progression run. Increase your speed every 1/4 mile by .1mph until you can no longer sustain the pace without falling off the back of the treadmill.
Once you’re cashed, slow the treadmil back down to a walk. Walk it out for 1/4 mile then go into a 1-2 mile easy cool-down jog

Note* Start conservatively slow with this workout- your goal should be to cover 4+ miles in total


TOTAL: 4+ miles




Workout #3


1-2 mile easy warm-up jog. Go immediately into the following:


5 min HARD run, 5 min recovery walk


4 min HARD run, 4 min recovery walk


3 min HARD run, 3 min recovery walk


2 min HARD run, 2 min recovery walk


1 min ALL-OUT run, 1 min recovery walk
Walk it out for 1/4 mile

1-2 mile easy cool down jog


TOTAL: 4+ miles


Workout #4


1-2 mile easy warm-up jog


Stop the treadmil, stretch and catch your breath (for 3-5 minutes)


3 x 1 mile HARD w/ 1/4 mile walk between intervals


1-2 mile easy cool-down


TOTAL: 6-8 miles

Workout #5

1-2 mile easy warm-up jog


Choose a pace that you think you could run comfortably for 30 minutes of running.


Every 1/4 mile, increase your incline by .5%, while keeping your treadmil at a consistent speed


Increase incline by .5% every quarter mile until you can no longer sustain the effort. Once you’re cashed out walk 1/4 mile then go into a 1-2 mile easy cool-down jog


TOTAL: 4+ miles