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Kirk DeWindt

Owner, Trainer

My passion for personal fitness has always been innate. From a young age I realized working hard was accompanied by the satisfaction of accomplishment. Through my own dedication to fitness, I discovered we truly are capable of greatness. As a collegiate All-American in track I was able to reap the rewards of hard work.


Fitness Background: Kirk has always enjoyed the sense of accomplishment through athletics. He has competed in many sports including Track and Field, in which he gained All-American status while earning his degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition.


Favorite Aspect of Personal Training: Kirk thrives on seeing other people succeed and grow. Helping his clients transform physically, emotionally, and mentally through personal training motivates Kirk in his work.


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Travis Eisenbraun


I developed a passion for helping others accomplish their fitness goals through finding my own way to fitness over the past 10 years. Unlike many trainers I did not grow up with a particularly health-conscious lifestyle. I grew up on the typical American diet and it reflected on my waistline. That was until I found working out and weightlifting!


Fitness Background: Following his personal weight-loss success through weight training and nutrition, Travis began offering advice and guidance to help others find their success.


Favorite Aspect of Personal Training: Travis thrives on helping others gain the personal confidence and sense of success that fitness and healthy lifestyles can bring.


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