5 P’s of Kirk DeWindt Personal Training

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, my goals go beyond your physical progress. I believe in instilling the five “P’s” of KDPT through effective fitness training.

  • 1
    Establish a forward moving plan and a deep understanding of your personal fitness goals coupled with an unwavering resolve to pursue it with your entire being.
  • 2
    Build a relentless devotion to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • 3
    Take on an attitude of progress and belief that will carry you through potential obstacles and ultimately help create personal success.
  • 4
    Develop a true sense of self-worth, satisfaction, and pride through this process coupled with your hard work and success.
  • 5
    Catch my consistent zeal and ability to find enjoyment and laughter in any situation. It’s contagious – making fitness training more fun than ever before!